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Men's eyebrow care.

Eyebrows, besides being the protection and embellishment of the eyes, have a very important psychological function for every person.

The construction of the male eyebrows has a significant effect, how guy is perceived by others. The shape of the eyebrows should be adjusted to the shape of the head, proper trimming and perfectly selected hair colour are setting face’s character.

Admission word...

In the past men's eyebrow care was a taboo topic, and most of formal signs of men's self-care were perceived as effeminising manners, usual facial care was based on basic activities such as washing and shaving. Nowadays, it can be noticed that the opposite trend begun to prevail, men are paying more attention in taking care of their appearance, and more often making an intentional decision, they are using of cosmetic salon and beauty parlour services. Finally, it is possible to convince, that a neat and trim man is more confident, has more recognition in social life, and is more successful in love affairs.

The first, most noticeable result of brow care neglect are bushy, long, luxuriant, and sometimes even connected eyebrows. Very often the removal of a few unnecessary hairs is making the eyes become much more expressive and besides that, face looks younger and simply better, that's why it is important to make every man aware of the importance of eyebrow care. For me, the most important thing is that after the treatment I can see satisfaction on the man's face, even after such a small change.

In the past, men's eyebrows were trimmed only in hairdressing salons, together with cutting hair. At present, special salons arising, where the client feels comfortable, there are employed only skilled and experienced stylists, who primarily perform modelling, regulation and dyeing brow treatments.

How to begin?

Before performing brow regulation, it is important to take a careful look at the place where the eyebrows are close to connect and remove all hairs from the top of root of nose. Sometimes, getting rid of their small amount from space between eyes can already change a lot. Then remove ripe, very long, thick and grey hair, keeping in mind that each hair matters and before it is pulled out, it is important to assess the need for removal or potential trim. Additionally, you need to get rid of unnecessary hair under the eyebrow's arches, but don't forget about keeping their right proportions. Excessive hair may be removed by special cosmetic wax, using tweezers or with a special cotton thread.

It is significant to remember that men's eyebrow hair removal is completely different to women's, their stronger and much longer hair requires a careful touch. Be mindful of the basic principle to retain the moderation - it's better to tear out fewer hairs, than too much. Men's eyebrows cannot be too thin, nor can they be too thick because the effect will be unnatural. Synophrys, which is an anomaly that occurs as two linked eyebrows in "Monobrow" also doesn't look attractive. Of course, if a man has the skill and feeling like their eyebrows need only a few hairs to remove, they can try to get rid of unnecessary hair by themselves. Remember then, to not be focused for changing the shape of your eyebrows, just slightly correct them. To do this, all you will need a good quality tweezers (with perfect surface of adherence), a skilled hand and a mirror.

On the market there can be found specially adapted shaver tips for the men, as well as mini razors, however, tweezers as the most accurate tool in the hands of the stylist allows you to obtain the most accurate results, because the hair is removed in its entirety and the effect remain much longer. If a man does not have much experience in care, the best advice for him is to go to stylist, best of all recommended by friends - the one who has the knowledge and experience in brow care. Advantages of a visit to the salon would be also less pain during treatment and certainty that the regulation is carried out smoothly and will give the correct shape of the eyebrow, which will later be easier to strive after.

The next step is the dyeing of the male's brows, carried out only with use of special hair dyes. When aspiring to the ideal appearance of the eyebrows, in addition to the removal of unnecessary hair, very often the regulation treatment is expanded by hair dye. Perfectly matched colour and hue is very important, the best effect is when the eyebrows and head hair have the same colour. Inappropriate colour matching may cause undesired effects. With eyebrows which are naturally strong and very dark you should perform in another way, they can be brightened with a special solution, just to give them the desired colour of the hair. Harmony between colours is very important, and the result must be natural or closest to the natural. If the natural eyebrows are very bright, it is necessary to darken them, so that the face will be more distinct. Remember that after obtaining the appropriate shape and colour, the treatment should be completed by applying a softening cream around the eyebrows.


In conclusion, when a man is unhappy about his eyebrows, he should seriously consider modelling, regulation and dyeing. For the first time, it's best to go to experienced stylists who would actually make a good use of the eyebrow potential. Every man should keep his eyebrows in shape and order to make his face more attractive and smoother. The eyebrow regulates every fifth man in the world, so it is easy to notice that more and more of them are choosing this "first step." The next steps which are taken in cases of male eyebrows are already more complicated and I recommend them only to the determined men. The aged men usually have extremely luxuriant, long and grey eyebrows in this case I offer them a brow lamination treatment. Men with visible shortages in the hairs of the eyebrows, I suggest a reconstruction, or the requiring more courage from the men - microblading treatment.

Grażyna Kleba

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